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Enriching Experiences

With today’s busy schedules, it s difficult to get our children to the various programs like Amazing Atheletes, Spanish class, Karate, Gymnastics, Music & Dance (Music Mike), Learning French etc., FLMA offers an enriched program for all the above with instructors that specialize in working with young children. These programs are optional and there is no additional charge for enrolling in them. Our goal is to encourage all children to participate in to the above enrichment programs.

The following list of classes offered at FLMA:

  • Monday: Amazing Athletes, Sacramento
  • Tuesday: Gymnastics – Jazzerettes & Gymtyme, Sacramento
  • Wednesday: Karate – Folsom Karate Academy, Folsom
  • Thursday: Instrumental Music – Music Mike, Sacramento
  • Friday: Learning Spanish – Ms. Jamielee / Ms. Angela
The above activities are optional and subject to change/cancel without prior notice

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