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Lunch And Snack Menu

From September 1st 2019 to September 30th 2019
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Snack Fresh Apples, Animal Crackers, 100% Juice Fresh Honey Dew, Ritz Crackers, 1% Milk Fresh Banana, Saltines, 100% Juice Fresh Watermelon, Pop Corn, 1% Milk Fresh Pears, Gold Fish, 100% Juice
Lunch Mac N Cheese, Corn, Fruit, Water Chicken Corn Dog/French Toast Sticks, Celery, Fruit, Water Cheese Sandwich, Peas, Fruit, Water Pizza, Baby Carrots Fruit, Water Spaghetti, Mixed.veg, Fruit, Water
Afternoon Snack Pop Corn, Fruit, 1% Milk Gold Fish, Fruit, 100% Juice Animal Crackers, Fruit, 1% Milk Ritz crackers, Fruit, 100% Juice Saltines, Fruit, 1% Milk
Lunch Menu is subject to change without prior notice.